20 November 2007

The place-time continuum

Sometimes I think about returning to Duluth, but then I think, “well, it will never be the same as it was because the people there at the time were what made it so special-so home”. In 3 or 4 years, they will have likely moved on, or at least have changed (though our memory of them does not). We will be different too. A place in some ways, is also a time. And I love the Duluth we knew, but I know that when we left, if was gone forever. I think I felt it the last time MacMorris and I went sailing with J. We took one last look, and sailed away from the shore. And now, we slowly sail away from the memories, directed, but still at the mercy of the wind. The shore gets smaller every day- we get farther from who we were in Duluth. And so it goes. You know, its nothing profound its just risk, isn't it?

Or maybe it’s George Winstons’ piano-playin’ skillz.


The Slickster! said...

Yo - Peoples across the pond - it sounds like you are enjoying your new life among our forebearers - live it to the fullest as it won't come again like this - what a fantastic time to learn and have fun at the same time -

Enjoy the now -
denny and barb

The Slickster! said...

Wow, here I am again - I don't know if my first note came through or not - but at any rate enjoy the good life -

denny and barb

Uncle Darrell said...

Perspective gives us the ability to look both backwards and forwards in time simultaneously, and is at one and the same time, the mark of both civilization and intelligence. It is a truism that "you cannot go back", places and people change continually. Even if we stay in a place we have come to love, over time it changes as we do, and becomes very different from the beloved place of memory. The only way to preserve a beloved time and place, is to commit it to memory, and leave!

Uncle Darrell