20 February 2008

The dark & sleepy ages

So, I apologise for the long delay since last posting-- just keeping you on the edge of your seat. It appears that in England, some Americans, not all, mind you, become afflicted by this 'syndrome' whereby they go to sleep for about 2 months and then wake up sometime in February about the same time as crocuses and daffodils. This is why I have not posted, I have only just woken up! But all is well now, the sun sticks around for more than 2 hours a day and we get lovely sunsets Tahitians would be jealous of. See picture in top right hand corner... obviously.
Mac has been busy, and received the fellowship many sought, and few obtained, and we are very happy about this. Here are some ideas we've come up with as to how we will spend this money: Retire to Fiji and learn to carve driftwood and search for the survivors of LOST(They're not real, you say? A TV show you say? Poppycock!); Hire a private jet to travel around the world constantly with the on-board entertainment consisting of a troupe of Shakespearean actors performing the plays chronologically; Buy up a dilapidated castle in Ireland, refurbish it and live like, ah, people who live in castles; or...pay off our school loans. Take a guess. Shot in the dark, I know.

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