09 May 2009

Hello, old friend

Though you may be a small constituency of readers, many apologies for neglecting my duties of recording my thoughts and observations on this meager blog. What can I say? I haven't been busy in the slightest and spend my days loafing around Kenilworth in slippers and a tracksuit, pestering passersby for a lively bout on the nature of free will and customer service in England. I swear.

Mac and I returned from Christmas 08 to realise it was a waste of sillyness not to have a dog-why should we sanitise our lives for the good of our landlord?! So we went in search of a K-9 Companion. We found Murphy, a black labrador retriever (surprise!). He's a sweet and good-natured fellow who loves to play, and really loves to cuddle. We moved house in order to provide him with a back garden (of the multi-purpose variety). We read the books, took him to puppy kindergarden, and are now beginning to reap the benefits as he sits, stays and comes (when he's not eating dirt). What more could I say but that he's lovely to watch frolic in the creek and the woods, sharing his senseless joy with everyone he comes into contact with? For it is his nature, is it not?

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