25 May 2009

Swing. Tire, Swing.

As I walked out one overcast Memorial Day afternoon…
I should first preface this anecdote by stating that Mac and I are so very fortunate to live near a not so very common Common. Commons are typically flat and large and green. Whilst this one is both large and green, it is a great big giant hill carved into all sizes of trails and dirtbike paths for enjoying the trees and general woodsyness pleasure. We take Murphy there most days of the week which he enjoys to his fullest potential. Today we walked a trail we sometimes take but came across an aptly placed tire swing that has not made its presence known before. Great oak, small precipice gently sloping. Popped one leg in and let one hang out and got a big helping hand from Mac. Oh Behold! The innocent freedom of moving so swimmingly through the air. Exhilarating and made all the more so at the unexpectedness of its presence. Like a Unicorn. A perfect hedonic pleasure which overtakes! Oh how for just one short moment I could laugh as if I was a child and truly feel so.

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Uncle Darrell said...

Hi Becky:
Glad to see you back on-line again! I always enjoy your lush visual imagery, and insightful comments. Murphy sounds like a great addition to your family! Keep up your comments, you are educating me about elements of Great Britain I have not been aware of previously.
Uncle Darrell